Bluewave Express Mail Service Policy
NOTE: Before using this Bluewave Express Mail Box, please contact our after sales/ support center via:

  1. Phone: (02) 938-2819/ +63 (2) 938-2812/ 09183963121 from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm
  2. Email:
  3. Skype: bluewave_support
General Rule:

  1. Bluewave applies all the conditions written in paragraph A to E of the Bluewave Warranty Card.
  2. Bluewave agrees to repair or replace the parts of the units if needed. No Cash Refund shall be issued for returned products. Shipping or delivery of the product for repair from Customer to Bluewave shall be for the account of the Customer. Return of product from Bluewave to the Customer shall be for the account of Bluewave.
  3. Customer must ship the defective product to Bluewave together with a properly filled out photo/Xerox copy of the Warranty Card. Customer shall be charged for repair parts and services if no Warranty Card is presented.
  4. Delivery of Bluewave product from Customer to Bluewave and vice versa shall be via door to door service.
  5. Customer has the right to choose the courier service they prefer: DHL, 2GO, LBC, Fedex or others.

1. Call Us

Customer must first inform Bluewave Customer Service (BCS) regarding the quality issue of the Bluewave product via phone, email, or Skype.

2. Get Control Number

Customer must get the Bluewave Express Mail Control Number (BEMCN) from our Bluewave Customer Service (BCS) before sending the defective product for repair.

Note: No BEMCN, No Delivery Policy will apply.

3. Notify Shipment Info

Customer must immediately inform BCS once the product has been shipped for repair.

via skype: bluewave_support
via email:

Provide the following information:

a. Customer Name:
b. Product Serial Nos.:
c. Courier Name:
d. Courier Tracking No.:
e. Date of Delivery:

4. Wait for Feedback

BCS will immediately inform the customer of the arrival/receipt of the defective Bluewave product, as well as the condition of the delivered product.

BCS will inform the customer of the lead time for repair and the deliver schedule of the repaired Bluewave product.

5. Claim your Device

Customer must immediately inform our BCS of any issues upon receipt of the Bluewave product. If BCS does not hear from the customer regarding the repaired unit 1 day after the time of arrival based on tracking record, Bluewave shall consider the product received by the customer in very good working condition.