Warranty Information

Please read this warranty coverage carefully. You must produce both warranty card and proof of purchase in the event of a warranty repair being required.
BLUEWAVE manufactures its Products in accordance with industry-standard practices. BLUEWAVE warrants that the Products it manufactures will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. The limited warranty term is one year beginning on the date of invoice,as further described in the following text. The valid invoice of your purchase of the Product shall be provided for our warranty service. Failure to present proof of purchase will automatically void the warranty.

A. Warranty period
The warranty period starts from the date you purchase the Product with valid invoice. If the last day of the warranty period is a national holiday, the following day shall be the last day of the warranty period.

B. Warranty for Hardware:
Warranty is applicable for Product only. The limited warranty does not cover accessories, such as USB connectors, earphones which may come free as bundles for the Product. If the Product incurs a breakdown,and the breakdown is not caused by circumstances listed on paragraph D, the customer is advised to bring the Product to authorized service centers

C. Warranty for Software:
BLUEWAVE assumes no responsibility for any third party software or applications installed by the User to the device, and any possible consequential breakdown or damage caused by such installations.
BLUEWAVE's limited warranty applies only to a failure to execute programming instructions (i.e. bugs). Supplier does not warrant that the operation of the Product will be uninterrupted or error free.

D. Circumstances where free maintenance service is not provided:
In any of the following conditions, whether the Product is within the warranty period or not, BLUEWAVE may refuse to provide free repair or maintenance service, and may request the customer to pay related parts and labor charges:
  • The customer is unable to present the Purchase Receipt or Invoice as proof that the product is still within thewarranty period;
  • The Purchase Receipt or Invoice has been altered or its date is hard to recognize;
  • The Product is not acquired from an authorized distributor of the Company or is acquired from illicit sources;
  • The Product has gone beyond the warranty period;
  • Any breakdown or damage caused by non-compliance of regulations stated on the user manual, accidental factors, or man-made reasons including hitting, crashing, dropping, unusual physical, electrical or environmental stress, water in low, use with incorrectly wired or substandard connectors, or improper packaging, storage and use, etc.;
  • Any breakdown, incidental or consequential damage caused by installation, repair modification performed by service centers or personnel not authorized by BLUEWAVE
  • Any breakdown, incidental or consequential damage caused by installation of hardware (system component, power supply, or ancillary products) provided by other manufacturers;
  • Any modifications such as painting or refurnishing the device and alteration of original identification marks;
  • Any damage resulting from, but not limited to accident, transportation, neglect, abuse, misuse, force majeure, lightning, failure or fluctuation of electrical power;
  • Any scrape (scratch), liquid leak, crack, etc. on the LCD screen surface; Any breakdown or damage caused by use of pirated software;
  • Any other service not required to maintain the device or system components in good operating condition for normal use.

E. Liability Limitations:
BLUEWAVE’s liability is limited to the performance of its product. BLUEWAVE shall not be liable to any direct or indirect consequences or damages incurred by the customer due to any system failure of BLUEWAVE’s product. BLUEWAVE has no legal liability for any loss, damage, deletion, modification of data or software, indirect damage, special damage or consequential damage to customer's property or death or injuries to BLUEWAVE’s employees, agents, representatives, guests, or business invitee caused by or related to purchase or use of the Product.